Frequently Asked Questions for Organizations

My business already has event / ecommerce / scheduling software, does this conflict?

Nope. Not at all. We are simply redirecting people to your site, as if you listed your event on facebook or yelp or google maps, or sent out an email blast.

In fact, we hope to have integrations in the future with many other software providers to make listing events and other listings easier.

As of November 2023 and hopefully forever, it is completely free to list a business, instructor, event or anything on the site.

We are giving away upgraded features and visibility to a limited number of organizations who believe in what we are doing. You can be one of the first to take advantage of this, just reach out and ask.

Once we are ready to roll out paid upgrades, we will be offering additional free time, and deep discounts to active early adopters and allies. But by deep, we mean percentage wise, because even at the highest tiers, we plan to be one of the least expensive and highest ROI items on your books.

Verification is the process of trust we go through when letting you post things. We want real businesses and real people posting real things. It’s one of the ways we curate the site right now to make the experience excellent for picklers.

Organizations, People, Events, Divisions and Locations all get verified. Once a user gets verified, they are able to submit automatically verified listings.


Events are meant to be a category of divisions or sessions. They have their own page, and showcase the divisions. Examples of events can be Thanksgiving Tournament or a schedule of recurring events like Fall Open Play. 

Divisions are the actual program/session being registered for. They can be different because of level, age, gender, etc., or simply because they take place at a different date or time.

You need both on The Pickleball Index for now. We are working to make this as simple as possible and are open to ideas / feedback.

Any organization or content creator that wants more visibility.

If you already have more leads and visibility than you can handle, and want to fly under the radar don’t list stuff  here.

However, even if you are regularly full, there is usually no harm in having extra demand. Let’s talk. 

Organizations are businesses, groups, agencies, etc. 

Locations are simply a place. 

You may be an organization that runs a single location club. You still need both.

We’re currently working on building out the area around Long Island as a test bed, but you can list organizations or events anywhere in the US.

Next we will expand to Canada, then globally.

Be the first in your area to list for free upgrades and extra attention.

Why list on The Pickleball Index?

We’re helping picklers pinpoint their ideal experiences and products while exposing them to other aspects of the sport.

On the flip side, we connect businesses to picklers to further build their community and protect their investments. This should help the ones putting the best product out there succeed and grow, again making the sport better for everyone.

With a Free Listing, you can expect:

A dedicated page on the site promoting your brand

Your business to show up in relevant searches for picklers on and off The Pickleball Index

Cross-exposure to people interested in other aspects of pickleball

The ability to list events, instructors, locations, products, services and more, and organize them under your organization

Coming soon: Updates / Promotions / Reviews / Comments / Sponsor Connections / Software Integrations and more!

We do not take sign-ups or product orders here. We simply redirect people to your sites & software to register, buy, contact, or follow you, like Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, Etc.

You are about to take a substantial first step. Remember to follow through on verification (also currently free) so we can give you additional options for managing your page.

0-0-2, let’s go!

Get Verified & Claim your Listings

Thanks for your interest in getting verified! Once complete, you can verify and control your pages (giving them more visibility) and have more verified submission capabilities.



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Details about your plan to verify. Which socials will you DM from? Who else can we speak to at your business, etc.?

After submitting, you can go ahead and get started by connecting with us on socials. Thank you and welcome to The Pickleball Index!